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p l a n t - p o w e r e d b e a u t y


I absolutely love the oil and the gua sha tool. The oil smells heavenly, and really works great on the face and body, just giving the right amount of hydration. Not too greasy, or oily. I love the tool so much, I use it daily! It really makes the skin look firmer and more refreshed.

I'm obsessed with OAKËI Beauty's TLC Dry Oil! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, soft, and most importantly, healthy and glowing. It's not greasy or oily like other oils and serums that I've tried. I use it overnight or during the day when I need to be added hydration on my skin. It's a must-have in my skincare routine.

I'm so impressed with the packaging/design, but more importantly the actual products.  I've used the oil religiously and fell instantly in love.  That gua sha tool is a morning staple for me.  I can't thank you enough

Almost every night I’ve been using the Oakei Beauty TLC oil and amethyst gua sha tool on my face for tension relief and relaxation. I love this slow, and intentional routine before sleep and the gentle fragrance of the oil.