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5 Superfoods For Glowing Skin

A wise old...woman once said: “You are what you eat”! How does this make sense you ask? I mean, I’ve never woken up looking like a banana after eating one. But, have you ever woken up with a headache for no clear reason? Felt a complete lack of energy just from doing a few chores? Experienced broken skin or a sudden pimple outbreak? Well, we’ve got news for youwhat you put inside your body has a direct effect on how your body feels AND looks. Here at OAKEI, we believe that indulging in mother nature’s gifts helps you get that inner-outer body balance. That’s why we’ve made a list of 5 yummy superfoods to help you get naturally glowing skin from sunrise to dawn. Keep reading to get your glow on starting TODAY!




Photo byJoanna Kosinska onUnsplash

Blueberries are amongst the finest superfoods out there and are a great source for maintaining beautiful, glowing skin. These delicious berries are:

  • Jam-packed with antioxidants that boost the strength of collagen in your skin.

  • They put up a good fight against radicalsone of the main causes of damaged skin cells. 

  • Work their magic to defy wrinkles and dry skin as well as other aging factors. 

*How to eat: Throw your daily dose of blueberries into your breakfast smoothie along with bananas and some greens or simply wash and eat as a quick snack! If you’re not sold on the smoothie yet check outhow photogenic they areIt’ll make you want to run and make one, take a picture and drink up RN!




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Avocados are notorious for their contribution to healthy and great looking skin. Here are a few of their benefits:

  • They’re high in monounsaturated fatty acids, amongst which is omega 9 which keeps skin looking firm and dewy.

  • Omega 9 also helps regenerate damaged skin cells while reducing redness and irritation. 

  • Avocados boost moisture in the top layer of skin which contributes to visually hydrated and healthy-looking skin!

  • Avocados too are full of antioxidants that like blueberries, fight free radicals and help your skin maintain water content and elasticity, keeping your skin radiant and healthy.

*How to have this superfruit: Avocados are absolutely delicious as they are or as a side to every meal. But if you want to get creative, dice a few into small cubes and throw them into your chicken salad for some extra mouth-watering freshness. Pairing with our next superfood takes this green legend to the next level of yumminess too! Click to get inspired with an additional21 delicious ways to eat your avocado! 




Photo byHan Lahandoe onUnsplash

Say hello to the yellow king of vitamin C, his royal highnessthe lemon. This luscious fruit is super beneficial for maintaining a healthy complexion and overall health! Here’s why:

  • Not only is it packed with vitamin C,  but it also helps balance our bodies’ pH levels. When your pH levels are unbalanced it can cause irritated, sensitive skin so maintaining a good balance is key.

  • Lemons also help fight the acidity that overconsumption of things like coffee, alcohol, and processed foods cause. 

  • Like the other superstar superfoods above, lemons help neutralize free radicals keeping your skin’s elasticity intact.

*How to indulge: Think about lemons as an upgrade to every saladboth for taste and feel. Also, incorporating a cup of lemon water to your morning routine offers weight loss benefits and can go a long way for your skin too. Read more about just why your body benefits so much from lemon waterHERE.




Photo byChristine Siracusa onUnsplash

Here’s one that will get your body’s glow level to its finest with a wide range of health benefits! With its Omega-3 infused quality, this golden superfood is not just a pretty sight, it also:

  • helps the skin’s elasticity stay supple, healthy and firm. 

  • It works to reduce inflammation and keep the skin ultra moisturized.

  • It’s such a great source of vitamin E and zinc, which are known to nourish the skin and accelerate wound healing.

*Some salmon ideas: Salmon doesn’t need much seasoning as it is enriched with natural flavor. You can catch a recipe that will upgrade your salmon game and learn more about this wonder-fishhere.





Photo byDani Rendina onUnsplash

This majestic plant turned spice is a winner when it comes to the appearance of your skin. Consuming fresh turmeric helps:

  • fight inflammation which in turn keeps your skin looking fresh and young!

  • Another fun fact about this plant is that it is a natural pain reliever, working to strengthen your digestive system and internal inflammation as well as external inflammation too.

  •  It serves as a great source of natural Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium, working to reduce dark circles and protect against sun damage and aging skin.

  • All these qualities make turmeric extremely useful for moderate skincare, as well as pimple and acne control and soothing dry skin. 

*How to consume: Turmeric works best in terms of absorption when paired with black pepper in supplement form. You can also use it to spice up your home-cooked meals by adding it to rice or poultry dishes. For super affordable turmeric supplements head toiHerb to start benefiting from this superfood ASAP. 

There are plenty of foods that may make you feel full or fulfill a craving, but they won’t necessarily give you the incredible qualities that superfoods do to elevate your internal and external health AND appearance. So go on, give these 5 a try and tell us how you feel! ;-)

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