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Gratitude Journaling, Have You Tried It?

Posted by OAKËI BEAUTY on
gratitude journal
What am I grateful for? 〰️ for the last three months I’ve maintained a daily gratitude journal in which I detailed the things I felt most grateful for at that moment, and the habit surprisingly helped me feel calmer and happier as I went about each day.

The reason behind it: to see if this habit might reduce stress and make me more optimistic about the new world we live in. At the time, my stressors included quarantine and working from home alongside my husband, who’s on the phone 8/9 working hours a day (@alonganot love you mean it); a come-and-go ankle injury that had impeded my ability to practice one of my favorite stress-releasing activities, dancing, for the last 6 months; and, like so many others, finances and launching a brand right before covid madness.

I noticed the calming effect in myself right away. In focusing less on what was bumming me out and more on the good stuff during my journaling, my perspective certainly shifted, and so did my mood and actions toward others. I felt calmer, waaay more positive, I started exercising more often, meditating became less of a struggle, negative thoughts (anxiety) finally left my mind for good and relationships with my loved ones drastically improved.

It’s a practice I was skeptic about but now I strongly recommend it to everybody, even if you feel “fine and dandy”.. i’d give it a try. It will change👏🏼your👏🏾life👏🏿. (dramatic but v true)

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