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Hola ppl.  In times of self-isolation, I wonder: What the heck should I be talking about with my community, how can I share more? should I put myself on camera and like “speak in public”? *anxiety starts crippling in* NOPE, nope.. ill just add some music to the video, some edit effects and I AM GOOD TO GO.  Jokes aside-ish. One thing is fo sho,It will take time. Putting my words out there has never been easy, like expressing myself with words, the reason why I dance and do stupid sh*t on Tik Tok,  BUT in the meantime.. why not just try and write up about the decision behind the naming of my new natural beauty brand OAKËI!

A quick thought that just crossed my ADHD mind *I own a business? what? what’s happening?* 

Believe it or not, one of the most difficult decisions during these infinite process was choosing the name of the brand, It took probably 6 months, a trip to Berlin to “get away and get inspired” *rolls eyes* and some new white hairs. 

I’m usually very slow at making decisions, (lol again at the fact I’m now a business owner) so choosing the name that will represent my work for years to come, it’s not something I could take lightly. So as a good girlfriend, I fixated on my now husband and business partner, Alon. He is my most precious everything, so why not focus on naming the brand in a way that represents him and all that he means to me? Ahhh, love.

OK, so.. the name Alon in the Hebrew language means Oak Tree. The Oak Tree symbolizes everything that is Pure, Loyal, Wholesome, Wise and Safe. Which is exactly what he represents (in my eyes) and demonstrates to his loved ones and, EXACLTY what I am aiming the brand to be.

So here I am, triumphant on having chosen a name  - or part of it - and I loved it, he humbly did as well. 

So why OAKËI? We get the Oak part but ËI? wat dis? Let me try and explain.

The name Oak Beauty was trademarked already (even tho I couldn’t find the brand anywhere), so I thought “Wait, but we call him Aloni (the endearing version of Alon, like Benny for Ben) everyone I know does, at least. What if... wait for it... OAKIE! like "little oak"....one sec, there's a clothing brand named OAKIE.. let’s just mix it up, add some fancy punctuation decor and AHHH OAKËI! [pronounced OAK-E]

The two dots on top of the “Ë” called Diaeresis, divides up two vowel letters to be pronounced as two syllables. Like Zoë, which is pronounced Zo-ee. 

 Boomshakalaka, I HAVE GOTS IT!

OAKËI, is not just another beauty brand, I told my self, "I"m gonna make it all-natural, multipurpose, and of course, eco-friendly". I dream it to be something way bigger, a lifestyle, a place where you can feel safe and accompanied, home to all things worry-free, just like the big old might oak tree. 

I have high hopes for the brand to be your go-to place, where you can indulge on some self-care moments without having to compromise on time, where you can learn about new natural beauty methods and ancient beauty rituals, and finally crush the idea of applying synthetic, fake, health-harming products, which is old and drunk. 

So, that’s the story! I’m not a writer by ANY means, I apologize in advance if I just word vomited all the thoughts I had in my head :) 

Should I keep sharing?  f*ck it, right? Anyhow … that’s it for meow. K Love you, bye!

PS:  Once upon a time, I decided to pronounce OAKEI “O.K”, as in all the products we formulate are OK and worry-free to use, and also OK and safe for the environment. My impulsive self then printed 1000 reusable pouches with many mini icons of an OK hand …sorry in advance if it's confusing, it’s still cute tho :) #entreperneurlife 




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