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What Is Visualization and How To Master It

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What Is Visualization and How To Master It
“Visualisation 〰️ or the act of creating compelling and vivid pictures in your mind 〰️ may be the most under-utilised success tool you possess because it greatly accelerates the achievement of any success” Jack Canfield

Everything that was ever created or achieved first started as an idea in someone’s mind.

If you can hold your image for as little as half a minute, you are creating a powerful attraction. (Longer than that is really difficult unless you’re an experienced meditator who is able to shut down the mental chatter). Visualize often and gradually build up to longer, more detailed visualizations.

You can also write it down in the form of affirmations. “I am traveling the world for a year while working remotely, at my own pace and choosing my own hours”

You won’t get positive results if you’re not really excited about what you desire. Your emotions are the driving force behind your visualization!

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